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Our Vision

We aim to empower automotive OEMs, battery manufacturers and battery-related stakeholders to harness data for improved sustainability, circularity, battery performance, and compliance with key regulations, including EU battery regulation and the IRA.
Join us in shaping a cleaner, more responsible, and connected automotive world with the most comprehensive battery data tooling available.
What is the Open Battery Passport?
The Open Battery Passport is a blockchain-based digital record of a battery designed by Minespider specifically to address the requirements of the EU and other upcoming battery regulations. 
Our Aim
To enable stakeholders to make more informed decisions and ensure traceability, transparency and compliance - by providing a reliable and secure tool for recording and sharing information from every stage of the battery’s life cycle.
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What will you get

Unparalleled Transparency
Gain complete visibility into your EV battery's life cycle, enabling continuous improvements.
Regulatory Compliance
Meet the requirements of EU and other upcoming battery regulations with ease.
ESG Metrics & Carbon Tracking
Monitor and report on crucial environmental, social, and governance factors, carbon emissions data and percentage of the recycled content.
Easy Integration
Swiftly create Battery Passports using our open API, templates, and customizable data fields.
Circular Economy Enabler
Empower responsible handling of batteries and boost recycling efforts, promoting a sustainable future.
Free Forever & Unlimited Use
The Open Battery Passport includes an unlimited number of passports, accounts, and API calls.

Backed by the best

We partner with industry-leading companies from the EV market and beyond.
Minespider is a member of the European Battery Alliance (EBA) and is a part of the EU Commission’s €13M project BATRAW, which aims to find new technological ways to recycle critical minerals from EV batteries.
The world is moving towards a more sustainable future, and Minespider's Open Battery Passport is leading this change, providing the essential data and tools needed for a truly connected and responsible automotive industry.
Our goal is to revolutionize the industry by offering this groundbreaking tool for free, forever, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the information and insights needed to transform the automotive landscape and comply with upcoming battery regulations.
— Nathan Williams
Minespider Founder & CEO

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Disruption Roadmap
Version 1
Launched Battery Passport V1
First Users
17 companies onboarded to the software
Beta V2
Up to 100 early access users onboarded
Final V2
Expected full launch of the Open Battery Passport
Open Source
Expected open sourcing of the Open Battery Passport


Open Battery Passport vs other Battery Passports
Experience the unparalleled benefits of Open Battery Passports, offering seamless integration and unlimited battery passports without hidden costs.
Compliance with regulations (ie. EU Battery, IRA)
Unlimited Battery passports
Unlimited API calls
Unlimited team and user accounts
Gap Analysis consultancy
User onboarding
Open Battery Passports (Free)
One Initial Workshop
Other Battery Passports (Paid)
Additional Services: Discover carbon management, regulation readiness, value assessment, and supply chain mapping services.
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